Wedding Jewelry You’ll Wear Long After the ‘I Do’s’

You want your wedding jewelry to be special. You want it to beautiful and complete your wedding day look. However, you maybe don’t so much want to invest in a bridal jewelry set that will never see the light of day again once you take it off on your wedding night.

If you’re a practical woman or just a bride on a budget, you might not want to spend a lot on shiny baubles that won’t work as everyday jewelry once the wedding march is done.

The good news is that our online jewelry boutique has plenty of options that can give you best of both worlds: fantastical wedding finery and timeless pieces you’ll wear over and over again.

Charlize Pear Studs

They’re sparkly and chic enough to make fantastic wedding earrings, but simple enough and not too big to be great as everyday jewelry, too. The pear cut of these studs is very trendy and incredibly wearable for a day look.

These studs are great styled with a cute, casual blouse and skinny jeans for a day date or a fancy dress for formal event.

Bella Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces are timeless classics. Our Bella necklace features two layers, one with a brilliant crystal solitaire and the other sporting a flat silver bar. It’s a gorgeous everyday piece; like, the kind you never take off.

The classic silver tone and simple design make it a great for work or weekend wear; the sparkle and elegance qualify the piece as a hit with brides. It’s an everyday take on a bridal necklace, and there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to wear it for any occasion.

Carina Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose gold is all the rage. It’s the new neutral. This bracelet embodies everything that rose gold is. It can add a beautiful warmth to your bridal look that sometimes gets lost in translation in a classic white wedding dress, and it pairs even better with a lovely, soft ivory gown.

The crystals add classic wedding sparkle, but the jagged look of the stones gives this bracelet a modern look that means it translates beautifully to everyday wear. To really punch up our Carina bracelets, add a silver and gold tone bracelet to create a stack.

Ria Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings are very on trend, and the subtle gold tone of our Ria Tassel earrings makes for a look that works for nuptials or a night on the town.

The tassel provides a sense of movement that is mesmerizing on a stroll down the aisle, and the crystal gems provide just the right amount of sparkle. The slightly vintage feel makes these earrings on point for a stroll down Main Street.

Juliana Vintage Bracelet

Jewelry with a vintage feel is great for your wedding and beyond. The dark silver tone of our Juliana bracelet absolutely fits the bill. The opals add shine and the crystals give the piece sparkle.

It would pair just as well with a sun dress as it does a wedding gown. It was also designed with comfort in mind, meaning you might not even notice it after wearing it all day.

The Final Word on Jewelry for Wedding and Everyday Wear

When you choose bridal jewelry that is very versatile, you may find yourself putting it on every morning before you head to the office. Your wedding day is special and (barring disaster, of course) it’s a day that every bride wants to remember. What better way to relive memories of your special day than to see a special piece of jewelry that you painstakingly chose for your march down the aisle every day when you look in the mirror?

Your wedding jewelry needs to be beautiful, special, stylish. It doesn’t need to be just for your wedding day.


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