Wedding Guest Dress Code 101

 So you’ve been invited to a Wedding and the dress code says Black Tie or Cocktail Attire and you’re wondering--what the heck does that mean and do you have to wear a black tie? Fret not friends because we are here to help and break down what you should wear and what kind of jewelry you’ll want to wear to complement your wedding guest outfit. 
Cocktail Attire
Means…Semi Formal Attire with a touch of sophistication. Think midi dresses that finish just above or below the knees with a pair of black/nude high heels or off the shoulder dresses that are figure hugging. Cocktail dresses are also very fitting to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner. We recommend to pair these dressy outfits with a cute shimmery bracelet or  sparkly stud earrings. Don’t overdo it, just a hint of sparkle is enough to make your outfit chic and sophisticated.
wedding-guest-cocktail dress
Garden Wedding/ Garden Party
Means… bright and semi-formal attire. A setting where afternoon drinks and champagne are to be enjoyed. There are more floral prints and pastel colors in play; a flirty blush or lavender dress would be very appropriate. If you’re not into prints, you could simply wear a plain dress and brighten it up with one of our pretty floral statement earrings or studs. These outfits also work really well for a bridesmaid luncheon. 
lulu lovesong wedding dress yellow wedding guest dress 
Courtesy of Showpo ( Pic 3) and Lulus ( Pic 4
Beach Wedding Attire
Means…Destination wear, Island or Beachy Attire. You know that you’re about to have some major fun at this Wedding. It’s time to dress in your maxi dresses with bold prints, or a fabulous jumpsuit and sparkly sandals. This is an event where you can go bold and trendy with your jewelry. 
Courtesy of Lulus ( Pic 5 
Formal attire-Black Tie/White Tie
Means…Luxe and sophisticated attire. You’ve been invited to a gala-esque wedding or a fancy ball that starts in the evening.  This is an opportunity to go glam and feel like a celebrity who is walking the red carpet. We recommend wearing full length gowns, sequined dresses and strapless dresses. Pair them with glam statement jewelry.
The difference between Black Tie and White Tie? White Tie events are extremely formal and more on the conservative side like a White House Correspondents Dinner whereas Black Tie events are more a fun special occasion such as an Evening Wedding or Soiree.
Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue ( Pic 6 ) and Bloomingdales  ( Pic 7
At the end of the day, it's important to be respectful of the theme of the Wedding you're attending, while staying true to your style! We hope that this little guide helps you in picking out the right outfit and jewelry accessories to wear. If you still are hesitant about what exactly to wear, we'd recommend asking the Bride and Groom for clarification just so there aren't any major mishaps!
Cheers to attending a fabulous Wedding! 

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