5 Best Jewelry Boxes of 2019

Have you been searching for a personal jewelry organizer or jewelry box that will keep your jewelry organized yet look absolutely chic on your vanity? Fret not jewelry lovers, we have you sorted. Here are our picks for the best minimally designed jewelry boxes that combines the best of form and function.

Selma White Jewelry Box from Crate and Barrel 

 Minimal Jewelry Box

We love this modern white jewelry box which features a sleek wooden top that is sure to look good on any fashion lover’s dresser.  The box opens up to a bevy of generous storage trays lined in beige linen. Its top shelf is designed to hold rings and bracelets; on its second tier, two side swing drawers are meant for pendant necklaces and delicate bracelets and bangle, and an undivided lower drawer stows larger pieces like collar necklaces. Oh, and we can't forget to mention the nifty built in mirror on its top tier which makes it incredibly convenient to put on your earrings in the morning.


 Beautiful Jewelry Box

This jewelry box is a favorite at Astor Chic. We love its mid-century look with a beautiful champagne lacquer sheen. If you are a pendant necklace lover or own a few delicate chain bracelets, this one’s designed for you with 6 hooks that will keep your necklaces super organized. Slightly bigger than the Selma box but an excellent choice if you have room for a larger jewelry box on your dresser or bathroom countertop. Plus, add a personal touch with your own monogram.

Leather Jewelry Case from Cuyana x Marie Kondo

Cuyana Marie Kondo Jewelry Case

It wouldn’t be a jewelry organizer round up if we didn’t include this beautiful collaboration from Cuyana x Marie Kondo (The Queen of Tidying Up and Sparking Joy in homes worldwide). This leather jewelry case features a tab to hold your favorite earring studs along with 3 mini leather boxes that fit like a glove inside. We are inspired by Cuyana’s motto of “fewer, better things” and are impressed of the quality of Cuyana’s leather material which are sure to last you a lifetime. We recommend this jewelry case if you are a frequent traveler and on the go.

Stackers Jewelry Box, available on Amazon

Stackers Jewelry Box

Looking for a beautiful jewelry box that’s both contemporary and stylish? We adore this jewelry box from the UK brand, Stackers, because of its customizability depending on how much jewelry you own. You may add more layers or ‘stackers’ of up to three stacks. Plus, it comes in a variety of timeless colors including blush pink (our pick), white and dusky blue. This jewelry organizer is sure to complement your decor if you’re style veers towards minimal chic and love taking flatlays.

Vintage Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn

Vintage Jewelry Box

The most ornate jewelry box on our list yet one of favorites to show off on the dresser. A detailed filigree pattern on its gold trim adds a glittery sheen to this alluring glass box. It’s the box perfect to display your finest bridal jewelry, a perfect reminder of your special day. Lined in ivory linen, this sophisticated jewelry organizer is suitable for those who have those few special jewelry pieces that just brings joy whenever they see it displayed in their bedroom. 

A Last Reminder on Jewelry Box Shopping 

Whichever jewelry organizer that suits your style and needs, we recommend one which keeps your jewelry stored dry and away from air , to reduce the process of tarnishing and oxidation. Also, don't forget that perfumes and hairsprays don't mix well with fashion jewelry so keep them stored separately. Happy Jewelry Box Shopping ladies and do let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!



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